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A special gift to your employees, customers or business partners is a way to show appreciation and strengthen ties. Custom sneakers offers a striking and personal gift that makes an impression, even in large numbers.


Forget traditional promotional gifts that quickly disappear into the trash. 

Endless Possibilities

Customizies is ready to help translate your core values into a personal design.

Team Spirit and Identity

You can provide the same or name-designed custom sneakers for your team of colleagues.

Long Lasting Memory

Mirror your company story in a stylish way.


We can create custom sneakers designed with your logo, or names for your team of colleagues. This not only promotes a sense of unity, but also strengthens the corporate identity. Wear the custom sneakers during corporate events to present your brand in a unique way.

You have the option to add your company logo, special message or unique design on sneakers. 

How about organizing a giveaway where custom-made sneakers are raffled? Major brands do this regularly, such as McDonalds and NS. By offering custom-made sneakers as a prize for a competition, you create exclusivity. And bonus: it's a walking advertisement! A smart and fun way to promote your brand.


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